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Tinder nightmares: the hope and peril of constitutional robots.

Tinder nightmares: the hope and peril of constitutional robots.

In the days leading up to the UKs general election, youths looking for love online enincludeered a whole new kind of Tinder nightmare. A group of young activists built a Tinder chatbot to co-opt profiles and persuade swing voters to support Labour. The bot accounts sent 30,000-40,000 messages to targeted 18-25 year olds in battleground constituencies like Dudley North, which Labour ended up winning by only 22 votes.

The procedure got truthfully ingenious. Tinder try a relationship software exactly where users swipe to indicate appeal and involvement in a prospective spouse. If both everyone swipe close to each others shape, a dialogue container becomes intended for these to privately chat. After meeting their unique crowdfunding goal of best ?500, the group developed something which took on and handled the profile of employed Tinder-users. By updating the users to Tinder top quality, the team was able to place bots in any contested constituency within the UK. When placed, the robots swiped right on all people when you look at the attempt to receive the prominent amount of fits and consult in their voting aim.

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