No matter what type of business you conduct at your facility, fire safety must always be a primary concern. While some buildings are still using the traditional type of fire protection system, many facilities have installed the latest fire suppression system in Singapore to help enhance their fire safety measures. Protecting your facility and valuables against the threat of fire is best achieved when you know the weak points and risks that should be counteracted.

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The latest types of fire suppression system in Singapore can detect even the lowest concentrations of smoke, so while it can’t actually prevent a fire from breaking out, the system will quickly alert the people and stop the blaze from creating further damage. Every facility should have a dependable fire protection system, specifically those that contains sensitive information and highly valuable items, such as the following:

Museums & Galleries

Aside from ensuring human safety in museums and galleries, defending irreplaceable objects and documents to preserve cultural heritage is a high priority. Protecting what matters most for galleries and museums is not as easy as it seems. Only the best possible degree of fire protection can be employed to permanently secure invaluable exhibits, artefacts, collections, and other priceless items in museums.

Fire isn’t the only threat to these valuable objects. The wrong choice of fire extinguisher singapore can be as disastrous as the blaze itself. Even the tiniest amount of harmful soot or smoke can cause damage to the priceless collections. On the other hand, water or chemical from the fire extinguishing agent also poses a threat to these fragile objects. Using water to extinguish a fire can result in the total destruction of the precious items. This is why a clean agent fire suppression system makes a perfect option for museums and galleries. It’s safe for people and free of residue.

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Server Rooms/ Data centres

In today’s technology-driven world, a fire that breaks out in a server room or data centre is one of the most destructive things can happen to any business. Organisations spend a huge amount of money to protect data centres or server rooms from the threat of downtime. When IT equipment that makes day-to-day operations possible and supplies crucial data to the business is lost due to fire, companies will likely face lots of problems. They need to spend for the structural repairs and hardware replacement, and should grapple with issues related to information recovery and downtime.

Water sprinklers are the most common type of FM 200 fire suppression system, but they are far from the ideal choice for putting out a fire in data centres or server rooms. Water can cause permanent damage to the electronic devices in the room, so a gas-based fire extinguisher makes the best option.

Telecommunications Facilities

If a fire shuts down a telecommunication system, undeniably, it can wreak havoc. Businesses will be interrupted, emergency response units will be compromised putting many lives at risk, and financial transactions will be halted. Downtime for a telecommunication business can cost millions and result in lost revenue. Telecommunication facilities house a great deal of highly important equipment and sensitive data. Hence, the urgency to pick the best possible fire suppression system in Singapore cannot be understated.

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Traditional fire extinguishers like water and dry chemicals can potentially damage the high-value equipment and may contribute to downtime. It is vital to have the facility inspected and analysed to determine the ideal type of fire suppression system.