FM 200 fire suppression system is a waterless fire protection system designed to be discharged within 10 seconds into the area and extinguish the fire immediately. Within 10 seconds or less, it should be able to stop ordinary combustible, flammable liquid and electrical fire before they can cause severe damage. It is considered as the fastest protection available these days. When the fire is put out this quickly, it entails less damage, lower costs for repairs, less downtime, and minimal business disruption. Having this system also means an additional margin of safety for the general public.

FM 200 suppression system

Areas Of Fire Protection

FM 200 fire suppressions system is an ideal fire protection system for normally occupied buildings and spaces. The system is typically used in the following facilities:

  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Pharmaceutical and medical facilities
  • Historical archive storage
  • Museums & Art galleries
  • DATA centres & Record storage facilities
  • Control rooms
  • Computer rooms

Most of these facilities contain highly important data, information, and things that must be saved quickly when a fire occurs. For instance, museums and galleries house some precious artefacts from a bygone era which should be well protected from any disaster. So with the fast response of the system, it is indeed possible to prevent major damage.

A layout of FM 200 suppression system

How Does FM 200 Works?

FM 200 is a synthetic/chemical fire suppression gas and puts out a fire by removing the heat elements or free radicals from the fire triangle which consists of oxygen, fuel and heat. When deployed, it will not leave behind any oily residue or water, thus leaving the area clean. This fire suppressant plays an important role in the environmentally responsible fire suppression solution.

Advantages Of An FM 200 System

  • Fewer agents required for suppressing fire – The main benefit of the FM 200 fire suppression system is the small amount of agent needed to extinguish a fire. When fewer agentsare required, it means fewer cylinders and less wasted space in the facility for storage of the FM 200 cylinders.
  • Deploys fast – The FM 200 fire suppressant can put out a fire in 10 seconds or less. If a fire is extinguished in less possible time, there will be less damage to the facility and won’t require major repairs which can cost more. In addition, the disaster will not cause a delay in the business operations.
  • Cost effective – FM 200 fire suppression system is cost effective and will not hurt the monthly budget of the business. So, if you need to refill the cylinder, you won’t have to allot a huge amount of money to ensure safety. Additionally, refilling the fire suppressant will not demand lots of time since it is pretty simple to refill.

FM 200 suppression system can extinguish fire within 10 seconds

  • Clean agent – This fire suppressant is classified as a clean fire agent, which suggests that it is safe to use within enclosed spaces and busy rooms. The safety of FM 200 was validated by extensive and comprehensive scientific studies for over a decade in the real world.
  • Environmentally friendly – FM 200 is also considered to be safe to the environment and does not deplete stratospheric ozone. It has a minimal impact on the environment relative to the detrimental effects caused by a catastrophic fire.

With all these benefits, no wonder why FM 200 fire suppression system is now widely used in over one hundred thousand applications in more than 70 countries.