Fire Pumps

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With buildings being built higher and chemicals and processes in industries getting more sophisticated, having a reliable fire protection system is a must. The fire pumps form a critical part in this system. Pumps can either be diesel engine driven or electric motor driven and used in the fire main system or the sprinkler system, we have supplied them to many landmark projects here and some abroad.


Waterous vehicle-mounted pumps provide fire industry professionals with easy-to-operate systems that offer the most efficient water delivery system on the market. Because of their quality craftsmanship and exclusive design features, our vehicle-mounted pumps have quickly become the primary firefighting tools in fire service.


Nothing fights fire better than foam, and no one does foam systems better than Waterous. We’ve led the charge in foam technology worldwide, and have more compressed air foam systems (CAFS) in the field than any other manufacturer.

* Advantus® 3
* Advantus® 6
* FoamFill

Multi Stage Multi Outlet Pumps can be found in most types of installation within the building sector including offices, hospitals and hotels. The main advantage they offer are:

* Fewer pumps required
* Less pipe work and valves
* No water storage tanks on intermediate floors
* Lower structural loads/ costs
* More building space to utilise
* LPC approved